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How to Spread Your Video Production Goals Throughout the Year

You don't have to do it all at once! There are a number of reasons why it might make sense to approach your video production needs piece by piece, rather than all at once. Instead of planning, shooting and editing everything at once, you can take more of a methodical approach to the project - allowing you to gather content up front, but take delivery of the final video assets throughout the year. Here's a list of things to consider:

Managing budget for video production
Tackling your video needs in pieces can maximize budget.
  1. Manage your Budget: A large video project can be expensive, depending on the scope. Your project could require extensive pre-production, multiple shoot days and considerable post-production time for all of the deliverables. By taking more of a step-by-step approach, you can spread your costs throughout the year and better manage cash flow. You can begin the project with production days, gathering all the content you anticipate needing, but delay the editing time (and expense) for some of the final deliverables until later.

  2. Shoot Now, Edit Later: Production days can be time-consuming and expensive. By taking an annual (or longer term) view of your video needs, you can reduce the number of shoot days needed. For example, if you anticipate needing a brand story, testimonials and social media clips over the next 6 months, you can shoot all of that content at once, instead of paying your video partner to come shoot multiple times. You may want to start with the brand story right away and that's no problem. But with this approach, your video team has the content for the other videos in hand and can deliver them whenever you're ready.

  3. Messaging May Change: Your priorities and messaging may shift as the year progresses. Breaking the editing up gives you the flexibility to adapt to any changes in messaging or creative direction, rather than producing all of the assets at once.

  4. Stay Relevant: By producing content throughout the year, you're able to stay top of mind with your target audience. It keeps your audience engaged, maintains visibility and avoids overwhelming your audience with too much content at once.

An interview from a video shoot.
Consider different ways to approach your video project.

If video is on your marketing radar for 2024, but you're looking for creative ways to tackle the project and manage your budget, reach out to our team to see how we can help you accomplish your goals in the most effective manner.


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