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How to Use Event Videos in a Variety of Ways

Memorable events like the solar eclipse are perfect opportunities for professional video production. (Courtesy: Axios)

Monday's solar eclipse was one of those moments - kids stayed home from school, parents left work early, neighbors gathered outside. Time seemingly pausing for a moment - everyone united by the curiosity and fascination of a rare solar eclipse. We'll likely be talking about where we were and the experience for years to come.

Our personal and professional lives are filled with moments like this that we want to remember. Producing a professional video from your event is the perfect way to commemorate a significant moment and it's also a powerful tool that your brand can utilize into the future. With proper planning and coordination with your video production partner, an event video can be leveraged in a variety of ways.

The most obvious usage is as an event recap video, as described above. Your video production team will know the key moments to capture, people to talk to and things you want to focus on at your event. After the event is over, this can be compiled into an event sizzle reel and shared with the attendees and posted on company platforms.

From there, you can edit the longer event video into several additional assets:

  • Shorter clips formatted specifically for social media

  • Testimonials from event attendees

  • Videos highlighting specific moments, vendors or speeches

video production testimonial setup
The 360 Advisor Summit in Scottsdale yielded a variety of video assets for Broadridge.

Case Study: Broadridge Financial Solutions hired our team to capture content at their annual conference in Scottsdale. We were able to use video from this year's event to produce testimonials, an event sizzle reel and promotional content for future events.

Gathering content at your event isn't limited to the benefits that come from simply recapping the event, however. Consider these other bonuses from investing in professional video from a significant brand moment:

  • Brand Exposure: A high-energy video that is well produced will draw attention for your brand - wherever you share it.

  • Future Promotion: People will watch the video and want to be part of future events or activations your company produces. Create brand engagement and generate leads for your company.

  • Educational Value: Sharing highlights from an event your company hosted will inform people on who you are, what you do and your mission. You can share insights from industry experts or the latest developments from your company.

  • Audience Reach: Video lets you reach more people. You're not limiting yourself to the people who attended the event. Social platforms value video and will allow you to engage audiences from different demographics and locations.

Have a "moment" coming up? Want to be sure it's captured for present and future use? We'd love to explore how 1708 Media can partner with you to commemorate your event.


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