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New Year, New Video! Prepare Your Video Plan for 2024

Understand the most important steps to ensure a successful video production.

A New Year brings New Year’s Resolutions - both professionally and personally. Are you planning to make video part of your marketing strategy for 2024?! You should - and we can make sure it’s a fun and manageable process. Not like that dreaded resolution, “I’m going to go to the gym 5 days per week this year”. Whatever your video goals and budget are for the New Year, our team at 1708 Media will guide you through the process and support you each step of the way. Here are some important things to keep in mind as you make plans for your upcoming video projects:

  • Understand Your Goals: Who is your target audience? This will help define the tone, the content, the style and where you are trying to reach your audience (OTT, social media, online, etc.). Understand what you are trying to accomplish with the video(s) -  whether it's to increase brand awareness, recruit new talent to your organization, drive website traffic, or boost conversions. Defining these elements will establish the framework for a successful video project. 

  • Budget: It’s essential to have your budget defined before you begin the project. Of course this will help you plan internally, but it also allows your creative partner to understand what is possible within the given budget. Being transparent with your budget helps everyone and can define things like the number and length of deliverables, production crew sizes and number of shoot days.

  • Examples: Have you seen videos from competitors that you like? Dislike? Sourcing examples and sharing them with your video partner is an extremely valuable exercise in the discovery phase. Much like buying a house or a car, video is subjective. What fits your vision, may not match someone else’s. Your video partner should be able to help you source examples from the competition, as well. 

  • Timeline: Like anything, a successful video project takes time. Now is the time to start planning for your 2024 video needs. Depending on the scope and deliverables, producing a video can take several months by the time you successfully complete each stage of the process: pre production, production day(s) and post production. A safe minimum estimate from start to finish for a video project is 3-4 weeks. 

  • Have a Long Term Plan: This brings us back to our New Year’s resolutions: going to the gym one time isn’t going to benefit you much in the long term. You have to be consistent. Consistency is also key for video marketing. How are you going to use this asset(s) and continue to leverage it throughout the year? Your budget may not allow for multiple video productions throughout the year, but there are ways to repurpose a video/project and get extended use out of it. For companies with larger marketing budgets, you should have a plan to consistently be producing fresh video content throughout the year and using it on different platforms.

Not sure where to start? Finding a trusted video partner who will work collaboratively with your team is crucial for success. Schedule a call today to learn how we can help you achieve your 2024 video goals. 



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