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Video Production on the road in California

We spent the final week of January on a shoot in the Sacramento area with a client in the environmental construction industry. Taking a large scale video production project on the road requires a lot of pre-production planning (too much checked baggage!) and flexibility if the weather does not cooperate, but it was a very productive shoot. Curious what a project like this entails? Here's an idea of what went into it.

video production interview setup in California
A peek behind the scenes of our testimonial interview setup on our recent production in Sacramento.

The Details: This was a 3-day shoot in Sacramento yielding a wide range of deliverables, including product demo videos, a brand story, customer testimonials and targeted direct response ads.

Pre Production: Initial discovery calls for this shoot began in the fall. Our first step was to understand our partner: their business, their goals for the videos, the messaging and tone and finally defining the deliverables.

Once we completed these steps, we began to plan the actual shoot dates in California. We identified the locations where we were going to shoot, who we were going to interview and mapped out three full days of production. On any project, 1708 Media provides our partner with a detailed daily production schedule - broken down hour by hour throughout the day. Communication is critical to successful shoot days and we don't want there to be any surprises once the cameras start rolling.

In total we had several calls with our partner and months of planning before the cameras even turned on in California.

A company executive sitting down to be interviewed on camera.
Production included interviews with company leadership.

Production: Of course, we can do all the planning we want, but we can't control Mother Nature. Days before departure for California, the forecast was calling for heavy rain on our third day of shooting and we had to reconfigure the entire schedule. Fortunately, we were able to adjust our plan to shoot outside the first two days and spend more time in the company warehouse on our final day of production capturing additional b-roll.

  • Day One: We spent the day outside shooting product demo videos in various locations. We captured each step of the installation process and will pair the video with a professional VO track during post-production. We ended the day with an interview with company leadership in the warehouse.

  • Day Two: B-Roll with company leadership and clients. This was our busiest interview day, capturing interviews with the full leadership team, as well as three client testimonials.

  • Day Three: A full day of b-roll capturing the manufacturing process at the company warehouse. With three cameras rolling, we were able to shoot a variety of different angles and gather a ton of content.

With a successful shoot in the books, we'll begin the post-production process now before sharing the first cut of the videos with our partner. This project will yield upwards of 20 videos they will be able to leverage throughout the year on a variety of platforms, including the company website, social platforms and sharing with their customers to facilitate an easier installation process.

By committing to a multi-day production, our partner ensured that they'll have an elevated video product to utilize as they continue to expand their business in 2024!


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